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Here's a cover I did with my good friend Daniel Urbanski of "Called Me Higher" by All Sons&Daughters [28 Dec 2014|10:52pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

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Tenth Avenue North Concert Story/ New Community (: [09 Oct 2010|05:58pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

So, I went to a TAN/ Matt Maher/ Addison Road concert on Wednesday and remembered exactly how much I love Mike Donehey. We sat (er, stood, rather-- it was like chairs just didn't exist!) far left front row, right under Ruben Juarez ^^ I lost my voice the rest of the night and all of Thursday, but it was completely worth it. Unfortunately, they didn't do signings, so I never actually got to meet any of tehm :P But I swear, I mad eye contact with Jason once during the show! Well, I think I did..... (;

All in all it was an awesome performance- at one point during "Hold My Heart", Mike got off stage and walked through the audience, then climbed up onto the balcony and kept singing. I swear, that man is amazing. Has anyone else seen their Light Meets the Dark tour?

Welllll, because of my rekindled love for TAN and all things Mike Donehey, I made a community for just that (: Well, for Tenth Avenue North, which is all things Mike Donehey... and all things Jason Jamison, Ruben Juarez, and Jeff Owen. Haha.


Click the picture to go to the journal~ and feel free to join and post whenever you like (:

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Support Flyleaf [05 Nov 2009|01:09am]


On November 10th, Flyleaf's sophmore album, Memento Mori will hit shelves and online music retailers.
We only have a few short days left until then, but there is still time for you to pre-order today or plan to pick up your copy upon release. ;)

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Skillet [03 Oct 2009|12:57am]

This is a Christian music community, so I know theres bound to be some Skillet fans in here. But for those of you who aren't, I'd like to introduce you to their new music.
Skillet released a new album a short time ago, titled Awake. I'm attaching a widget here which you can use to: Listen to some tracks, read the bands latest news, biography, creep some pictures and videos, preview and purchase ringtones, and even view and purchase tickets to shows. It's all located conveniently here on this page, so you have no excuse to be lazy. ;) Explore, and I hope you'll become a fan and go out and buy the album.
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[ mood | DESPERATE!!!! ]

I sing Soprano in a church choir. I don't know where else to go.

I was asked to sing the descant part in "Treasures in Heaven" by Allen Pote. I've always only sung the melody and we never ever DID the descant until we got a new director who decided he wants it.

I need a recording of this because I have no other way to practice. I have searched every flipping corner of the internet and have had no luck. I have no money so I can't go purchasing it(hell, I can't even find it on sites where you have to pay!). I'm frustrated and desperate and afraid I will make a fool of myself because I don't know this part. I have 2 weeks.

PLEASE HELP ME! If you have a recording, http://www.box.net is a great place to put it up where it can be downloaded without a hassle. I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS AUDIO. .mp3 preferred, but .wav is okay too.

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Who loves Flyleaf? [06 Sep 2009|12:27pm]

Hey guys, I just wanted to invite you all to join the Flyleaf Street Team. As a member you'll get to help promote the band by advertising them online, passing out SWAG on the streets, and much more. You'll also have the chance to earn really cool prizes and participate in contests exclusive to Street Team members.
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is this bad music for my christian cousin? [28 Apr 2009|04:08am]

my 16 year old cousin asked me to give her some music that i like because she's interested into getting into new thing. however, while my cousin is christian, i am not. but, i don't wish to upset or disrupt her life in any way and so i would like the help of some of her peers.

there's this group called Meg & Dia that i really love. i want to give her their CD but there's this song on it and i'm not sure if it's an anti-christian message or not. your help would be amazing. thank you!!:

Their album, Here, Here, and Here is out now and available here on iTunes incase you want to decide from the other songs. thank you!
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Selling Autographed Skillet Merchandise [26 Apr 2009|04:21pm]

Hey guys, I've got a few really cool Skillet things I am selling.
1.) The DVD/CD Comatose Comes Alive(which I payed 15 dollars for. It's only been watched/listened to once).
2.) A pair of Skillet 'Comatose Comes Alive' drumsticks from the recording of the live DVD/CD by the same name. They're brand new and have never been used before. They've been sitting on my dresser for months now, and I'm really not doing anything with them. I'm in need of some extra cash right now, so I have decided to sell them. Unfortunate for me, but very fortunate for you. :D
3.) A Comatose Tour 2008 All Access Backstage Pass AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND. The pass is void, but it has the bands signatures on it. :D
I was wondering if I put them on ebay, would any of you be interested in buying them? I'd give you the link to the auction as soon as it was put up. If we come to an agreement on a price before the auction, I'll make it a 'buy it now price'. :) I'll even be sure that you are online and ready to buy them as soon as the auction is put up so as to not risk anyone stealing them out from underneath you.
If I don't come to an agreement over price with one person, I'll just let you all battle it out on ebay. ;)

I'm including pictures. You'll be able to view one here, and the rest are under the cut.

IMAGES under the cutCollapse )
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New Podcasts [29 Nov 2008|03:23pm]

This week we talk about the Christian Rap game and hang out backstage with Apostle J!



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What's up this month? [24 Nov 2008|12:18am]


Merry November-ween Everybody!

     It's the middle of November now and that means it's time for all that Holiday cheer.  I want to make this season the best holiday ever so I decided to beef up our e-mail notifications and keep your spirits up with a cool contest.  I think it's also worth mentioning that I' starting to get sick of myspace in general so I'm just not going to be using it all that often.  If you really want to get ahold of me you're going to have to use regular e-mail to do it.


The Contest

     This Month the theme is "Christmas".  In order to get a head start on the Christmas season I want to know what your favorite Christmas song is.  I'm really counting on producers to come up with some great Christmas remixes this month.


  • The best entries will be put on Radio XERO all month  
  • BEST of the best will appear on a very special episode of DJism.
  • All entries must be sent to theministryofdjism@gmail.com with the subject "Christmas Remix".
  • Entries sent to any other address will not be accepted
  • Winners will be put on my very special Christmas Mixtape (available on download Dec. 23rd) and an MP3 player full of music and extras from The Ministry of DJism!
  • Contest ends on December 17th so get crackin!


The Ministry of DJism

I've broken up the show into two half-hour parts.  


  1.  Part 1 will be "The Ministry of DJism", a music Showcase of your work!  
  2. Part 2 will be "The Ministry of DJism: Backstage", which will be more of a talkshow featuring interview, artist reviews, CD info and whatever else comes to mind.


You can download show at http://theministryofdjism.blogspot.com!


The Legend of XERO

I have taken down the  Adiaphora page, mainly to kill the confusion of all my projects.  I've changed the name to The Legend of XERO and started a new page that will go into effect once I finish Production on Crucified's New Album.

You can veiw the new page at http://thelegendofxero.blogspot.com


Other News

There's a really good news story that was done on TV about a group that our good friend STREET ALERT is involved in.  Check it out on our blog


So that's it for now guys.  I gotta get back to work so I hope to hear great things from you all.  




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Christian Halloween [29 Aug 2008|11:54pm]

Click the Picture to get the podcast!
I've got a bunch of announcements and tour dates! Also we tackle the concept of Christian halloween and the history of the holiday. (1st part of the series)
Track Listing: (Part 1) Lasandra - Amazing Grace Crucified and ICRIS - Balance Adiaphora - I'll Be Ready Jesus or Bust - Religion VS Kingdom ICRIS - Flame On Proverbs 1 - Anna Body (Part 2) Proverbs 1 - Anna Body Proverbs 1 - Proverbs 1 Shine - Shine DNA - Shine (Segment Christian Halloween: Part 1) Praize Your Way
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The Ministry of DJism: Vol 2 - The Christian Artist Debate [08 Aug 2008|07:08am]

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The Ministry of Djism: Please Believe [04 Aug 2008|06:56pm]

Lady, take it easy.

Click the picture above to get the podcast.
Track Listing:
(Part 1)
Suave 'The Messenger'
George Moss
Jesus or Bust
[Segment] 10 Things that Irk Me

(part 2)
Street Alert
[Interview] Nate Polzin
John R
Out-of-towners {Hunter VS Markia}

Galatians 1:6-9!
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The Ministry of Djism: Season 2 - Local Heat [19 Jul 2008|03:33am]

Click The Picture!  Get the podcast!Local Heat

Track listing:
Lesun - Uh, oh (holla, Clap)
Theus - Thus Says The Lord
1 Way - Stomp
[Interview] Pastor Nate Polzin
Crucified - Free to be Me
P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. - Voice for the Voiceless
Dale Baker - World Anti-Famous
B-sides - B-Sides
Just Thoughtz - Out of My Hands
[You Make the Call]
Jesus or Bust - Religion vs Kingdom
Suave 'The Messenger' - Heaven Yeah, Hell naw
Provebs 1 - So Glad
Gerald of Sadza - On Fire
[Final thoughts]
San Joe - Crossfire
Apostle J - One Blood

Galatians 1:6-9!
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Sad news today [11 May 2008|07:37pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

If you've not already seen or heard, Dottie Rambo was killed in an accident this morning in Missouri. Seven others are injured. Please keep them and Dottie's family in your prayers. I just this morning sang her song "I've Never Been This Homesick Before" in church. I'm still a little dazed by the news. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080511/ap_en_mu/obit_rambo

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Looking for a song [02 Apr 2008|08:25pm]

[ mood | busy ]

We used to sing a song at a church I went to a few years ago. Some of the words are "I have a God who with His angels watches over me. I have a God who puts my enemies beneath my feet. I have a God for when I'm sick or when I'm feeling well, I have a God and my God cannot fail. I have a God."

I think there are more verses to it, but I can't find the song anywhere. Does anyone know it or where I can listen to it?


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WOOHOO [18 Jan 2008|04:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Check this out!

Reason I'm freaking out?  That's MY church AND I'm so going to that concert.  Not that I"m a fan of all the artists, but I am of superchick and there is no way I'm going to miss out on this. 


wonder if I'll get to meet them, or get roped into doing lights. 

So can't wait!

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Newsboys and ApologetiX! [30 Jul 2007|12:37pm]

I have for sale 6 ApologetiX CDs and 7 Newsboys CDS (including a CCM Lifelines book), if any of you are interested. :) They're in great condition and cheap, and end tomorrow. :D

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Looking for a song, and the album it came from. [05 Jul 2007|12:06am]


I'm looking for an album that I heard in the early or middle 1990s. It was a Christian album, done by a male singer -- I think his name was Gordon (something) or (something) Gordon -- and the only song I recall had something to do with Gabriel's Trumpet (and that could be the title of the song).

I seem to recall that the album had a country feel to it, but I just can't remember much else.

I've googled and wiki'd to no avail. I was given this album on a cassette about 12 or so years ago, and now I can't find it.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

(crossposted here and to thishealingrain; sorry if you see this twice.)
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[05 Jun 2007|06:19pm]

Does anyone have the song I Will Rescue You by Plus One?  Could you upload it for me?  I would love you forever.
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